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"If you want to have

something that doesn't exist,

create it!"

~ Lena Viscid

Who's MissViscid?

Grown up between the seas and castles of Germany, Lena Krause discovered her interest for foreign realms at a very young age. Inspired by fantasy role-playing games, she started designing and making her own fantasy costumes in her teenage years. Encouraged by her genuine success, the talented young woman created costumes for stage productions and live-action events and even played various roles on stage and on live-roleplaying conventions herself. 

Despite her talent, she pursued a career in science and biotechnology where she processed human tissue samples, cultivated microorganisms and operated fully-automated robot machines in highly-professional spheres. But she couldn't resist her passion and kept making clothing in her free-time. Lena tutored her art online and quickly became a well-known expert in the fields of live-action event clothing throughout Europe. Over ten years she specialized in how to weave fantasy realms into clothing while taking mundane issues like wearing comfort and budget into account. Her scientific way of thinking thereby forms a unique synthesis with her artistic eye for maximized efficacy.

In 2016 she turned her expertise into a career with founding her costume label „MissViscid Designs“. She creates well-functioning gowns from exquisite materials and with great attention to detail.

My Philosophy

Clothing introduces you before you even spoke a word. 

So don't explain who you are or what role you play - show it!

Plausible clothing for a fantasy character does not only take his or her profession into account, but also the backgound story and social heritage, personality and moral codex. A fantasy character is as unique as a real person. Integrating important personality traits (like e.g. vanity or chaoticness) into clothing gives the audience valuable starting points to identify and interact with the character.

Photographer: Rekii Fotografie

Clothing has been one of the most important arts and crafts throughout the history of mankind. Materials, patterns and workmanship techniques tell us about origin, social status, personality and taste of their wearer. Even today, clothing is a powerful tool to show one's membership to a certain culture or ethnicity, as well as it can state our desire for idividuality and freedom. 

While historical garment reconstructions are based on archaelogical findings, fantasy gaments have to take the home world with her exotic environment conditions and the character's species into account. Which plants and animals grow the materials those species can make their clothing from? Do clothing codices exist for certain social groups? And in which ways diffenrentiate their beauty standards from ours?
The answers to those questions will be woven into the garments to create authentic clothing for a plausible person instead of a featureless guise.

Photographer: Through the Woods Fotodesign

We are all unique - so is every movie or role-playing character. We're all build of many facetts. While some facetts support our desired way of being treated by others, other parts sabotage it. So it's important to decide which facetts may be emphasized, while others may fade from the spotlight. Fokussing on your unique strengths brings them to full bloom and other's will see this confidence. 

Of course, your individuell requirements regarding e.g. wearing comfort, easy-care and durability will be woven into the gown as well. You will profit from my 15 years experience in the fields of dressmaking for live-action adventures, weddings and photoshootings.

Enchant your peers with gowns straight from your imagination - real and touchable!


  • June 2020: Published in GILDED Magazine Issue 63 Vol. 1 (Photographer: Janina Gold, Model & Gown: MissViscid)
  • April 2020: Published in "FEROCE Magazine" Issue 6/April 2020 (Photographer: Janina Gold, Model: Fumihime Kurosawa)
  • February 2020: MissViscid Designs as Cover-Issue of "FEMME REBELLE" Magazine (Photographer: Janina Gold, Model: Fumihime Kurosawa).
  • January 2018-November 2019: Lena is part of the medieval clothing producer "Burgschneider GmbH" as Lead Designer and Product Manager
  • October 2018: Multiple costumes designed and made by "MissViscid Designs" support author and producer C.S. Steinberg with her book trailer
  • May 2017: Lena launches her Fantasy Clothing Collection at "Burgschneider", a big producer of medieval-style clothing: Burgschneider Makers – Lena Krause
  • October 2016: Founding year of „MissViscid Designs“ as a commercial costume label. Lena makes a living from creating wonderfully detailed and exclusive gowns for mediaval and fantasy festivals as well as live-roleplaying games and cosplay enthusiasts who love to be dressed in style
  • 2007 - 2016: Lena starts blogging as a costume maker in live-action roleplaying and Pen&Paper communities. Her designs get well-known for high quality, exquisite fabrics and attention to detail.

Fantasy Worlds - real and touchable!

Photographer: Janina Gold Photoart / Model: Fumihime Kurosawa / Headpiece: IVY-Design by Janina Gold